Psychedelic therapy is an emerging trend in mental health wellness

Magic mushrooms for your well-being? If you haven’t heard of psychedelics being used as a treatment for mental health disorders, this year could change that.

While this type of treatment may not be available to everyone in 2022 (and will likely take some time to become mainstream), experts say you should expect to learn a lot more about this new wellness trend this year. year and beyond.

“For a long time, psychedelics were sort of frowned upon,” explains Amy Morin, psychotherapist and editor-in-chief of VeryWell Mind. “We thought they were more recreational drugs, but on closer inspection we saw that they can actually be very good treatments for things like depression, anxiety, even problems. drug addiction. “

Dr Matthew W. Johnson, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins and Acting Director of the Johns Hopkins Center of Psychedelics and Consciousness Research, has seen a gradual increase in interest in the field since it began. to study it in 2004, but says there has been a “dramatic increase in interest recently.”

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