Professor Tania Broadley says universities are rethinking the online and on-campus experience | Canberra time

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Universities will move away from large-scale conferences and carefully consider when and how students engage in face-to-face activities as the pandemic spreads, the University of Canberra’s new professional vice-chancellor has said. Although the pain of the pandemic has not spread evenly across the higher education sector, Professor Tania Broadley said all institutions will aim for a mix of quality online and in-person learning experiences that do not do not compromise student achievement. “Questions are being raised about how to promote the value of the on-campus experience and how to deliver the best student experience with a focus on the most appropriate mode of learning?” she said. “These are big key questions that I don’t think we’ve ever really asked ourselves. We always intended to. But it really triggered, I think, an immediate response where we now have to start looking . learning and teaching should take place in dedicated physical spaces for the most success? Or do staff and students have the best experience online or remotely?” Professor Broadley said that during Over the past 15 years, the higher education sector was already on a trajectory of increasingly turning to online and flexible education to meet a wide range of student needs, from school leavers to mature students. Short courses were also used to fill short-term skill gaps. “I think a lot of work was done over the many years before this period pandemic to be able to ensure that time was spent wisely in classrooms and in physical spaces,” she said. “And it really depends on the discipline and the educational need, but in a way the pandemic has really heightened the need for flexibility, and I think has positioned us to be more strategic in our approach to course offerings. And it’s really to make sure they’re attractive to students, but also meet the changing needs of our industry and government partners.” MORE EDUCATION NEWS: Professor Broadley will begin his new role at in mid-February, leaving RMIT where she currently holds the positions of Deputy Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching and Acting Dean of Education University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Paddy Nixon said Professor Broadley will lead the way the university teaches and engages students over the next three years.”The first step right now is that we’re just going to walk away a bit towards large scale conferences and more towards tutorials and workshops etc. But his work is about the setting so that we really have an exceptional teaching experience,” Prof Nixon said. Prof Broadley’s doctoral research focused on rural and remote education and how technology could be used to access quality professional learning for teachers. Her research has expanded to examine the role of government reforms in teacher education, e-learning, and building the resilience of teacher-in-training.” With my experience of being from a remote population myself and growing up in a population and having a university education, I am truly committed to equity and access to all populations in the higher education and the University of Canberra aligns with my values,” she mentioned. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the c community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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