Probiotic experts swear by a healthy weight and less bloating *

As 2022 dawns, many people are breaking old habits, setting new goals, or sticking to the routines they established last year. If improving your gut health, including weight management and reducing bloating, is one of your primary goals, and if you are reading this article we assume you are concerned, a probiotic supplement might help. . *

At mbg, we’ve developed our probiotic + supplement to help people help themselves. It is one of the only four-strain probiotic supplements on the market, and each of these strains has been clinically shown to help relieve bloating and maintain a healthy weight. The strains Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria work together to elevate your gut microbiome, promote digestion, and promote abdominal comfort. *

The best experts in nutrition, fitness, and medicine have written to tell us how well probiotic + has worked for them. We were excited to hear how it helps them maintain a healthy weight and manage bloating, both personally and for their clients. * Here’s what they have to say:


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