Pine Knob is back! DTE Energy Music Theater changes name

Since 2001, the name Pine Knob had survived only in the spirit of the venue renamed DTE Energy Music Theater, evoking the old summer charm of loud, festive concert nights north of Detroit.

Now that classic name returns to the marquee: Pine Knob Music Theater is once again the official designation for Clarkston’s beloved amphitheater, which consistently ranks among the top-grossing in the country.

Pine Knob’s name change was revealed Friday morning by venue operator 313 Presents, following the expiration of DTE Energy’s 20-year naming deal at the end of December. New partners United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) and Trinity Health were also announced as part of a multi-year deal that will keep “Pine Knob” intact for some time to come.

The company also unveiled a logo reminiscent of the original Pine Knob – including the vintage 1970s-style font – with a new twist on its woodsy summer theme.

A new logo with the risen

The revival of the Pine Knob name, as the amphitheater embarks on a 50th anniversary celebration, will be music to the ears of Michigan music fans, many of whom have continued to use the old moniker years after the change.

For viewers who came of age in the 70s, 80s and 90s, it could also serve as a nostalgic solace after nearly two years of pandemic-induced upheaval in the live music world.

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