PHOTOS & VIDEOS: ALL EPCOT 2022 Arts Festival Merchandise!

the EPCOT International Arts Festival 2022 officially started!

Arts Festival

We’ve already taken a look at the food stalls, shared entertainment updates, and peeked at some of the more unique merchandise coming to the Festival. But now it’s time to talk about the MERCH! If you love all things EPCOT, the Arts Festival and more, this is merchandise you won’t want to miss!

Clothing Arts Festival

The first thing we noticed (and yes, we were looking for it) was the 2022 EPCOT Fspirit of the arts summer jersey. And of course there’s Figment on the front of the shirt because he IS the star of the show here. There is also a pattern with Figment and Art icons along the bottom half of the spirit jersey.

Figment is THE star!

The back says “make a masterpiece today”.

Achieve a masterpiece today with this New Spirit jersey!

The spirit jersey is $74.99.

If wearing a t-shirt is more your style, there’s a Arts Festival 2022 Tee with Figment, Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Minnie on it!

And you can have fun 2022 Arts Festival Baseball Cap for $29.99. The front has a fun pattern with Figment on it…

baseball cap

…and the back has a paint palette with β€œ2022” and the festival logo.

Back of the cap

Arts Festival Accessories

Well, there must be a MagicBand, right? So here is what EPCOT 2022 MagicBand Arts Festival looks like. It’s white! This is a limited edition MagicBand, so if you want one, grab it fast!

This year’s MagicBand

There are also a few pins to choose from, including this fun Pin’s Arts Festival 2022 which features Mickey and the gang with Spaceship Earth. It is $19.99.

Limited edition pin

You also have the choice between three other pins: there is one with Figment in front of a frame for $17.99, a fun Rainbow Figment Pin for $17.99, and a Mickey and Minnie pin for $19.99.


If you’re a brooch collector, these are a must have!

Interior Decoration Arts Festival

If you need a cute little plate for your kitchen, you can choose the 2022 EPCOT Arts Festival Plaque for $19.99 featuring – you guessed it – Figment. The plate itself is shaped like a paint palette.


You can also take a Tervis 2022 EPCOT Arts Festival Tumbler it’s COVERED in Figment designs.

Healthy cups

This festival is definitely for all Figment fans!

And if you want to write thank you notes or just send someone a handwritten note, you can get a bundle of 8 note cards with envelopes.

Form; cardboard sheet

A pack of note cards and envelopes is $9.99.

Items Exclusive to Annual Passholders

There are also exclusive items for annual pass holders, including a purple 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts MagicBand Annual Passholder for $39.99.

MagicBand Pass holder

Take a closer look at this adorable MagicBand.

There is also a 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts Annual Passholder Hoodie for $44.99.


The right sleeve of the hoodie reads “Passholder”.

And that’s a preview of current Arts Festival merchandise. If we spot any more articles in the future, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Stay tuned for all of our posts breaking down everything you need to know about the Festival – from the Disney on Broadway concert series to our favorite food stall picks!

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