Pewaukee resident launches nutritional supplement company True Grace

With a long history in the dietary supplement industry and a passion for nutrition, Pewaukee resident Kristie Hall decided to start her own business.

Hall founded True Grace, a new supplement brand with a mission to improve the health of people and the planet through nutrient-dense products. Her husband, Brian, is the CEO of the company, while Sara Newmark is the COO.

Together they have over 70 years of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry. Kristie Hall also gained experience in the health and wellness industry as the editor-in-chief of Delicious Living.

“We were well balanced in our careers and wore a lot of hats along the way in the supplements space and of course in the publishing space,” she said. “We decided we really wanted to go out there and do it on our own. We had made so many amazing connections and started reaching out to people, to networking and sort of picking people’s brains over what to do. ‘it took to start a business. “

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