‘Painful to watch’: Albanese produces another election trail gaffe

Anthony Albanese latest gaffe on the election trail was “painful to watch” – with this time the Opposition leader failing to list key details of Labor’s NDIS policy, says Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

The Labor leader was left red-faced after forgetting the details of one of his party’s key election policies before an aid handed him a document detailing the NDIS plan.

“This is a leader who could not even come up with the unemployment rate or the cash rate when asked at the start of the campaign,” Mr Houghton said.

“And in the last few weeks, journalists have been seen through Labor’s attempt to shield Albanese from difficult questions.

“Mind you, it’s not just the aides trying to shield Albanese – so too is the progressive media, especially the ABC.”

Mr Houghton said the Labor leader should be scrutinized.

“If you want the job of prime minister, you should prove you have not just the knowledge but also the ability to perform on your feet.

“And so far, Albanese has raised serious doubts about his suitability on both counts.”

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