One new death linked to COVID-19 in Ottawa on Thursday

Another person has died of COVID-19 in Ottawa as the number of hospitalizations in the city holds steady.

The health unit’s daily snapshot report shows 59 Ottawans hospitalized with COVID-19, including eight in intensive care. That’s two fewer hospitalizations than Wednesday and no change in the number of patients in intensive care.

Ottawa Public Health only reports hospitalizations among Ottawa residents with hospital intervention for COVID-19 active. To count as an inpatient intervention, the hospitalization must involve treatment for an active COVID-19 infection or have an extended hospital stay due to an active COVID-19. This also applies to people who can contract COVID-19 while in hospital.

Local hospitals are reporting a higher number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. These figures include patients hospitalized for reasons other than COVID-19 but who tested positive.

OPH reported 532 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 among residents eligible to receive COVID-19 testing. Due to the limited scope of testing, officials warn that this figure is likely an under-representation of the amount of COVID-19 in the community.

The COVID-19 wastewater monitoring project shows a steady increase in viral signal since the start of the year, but there are signs the viral signal may have peaked and stabilized. Current data shows a slight drop since January 5.

To date, OPH has recorded 51,845 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa and 638 COVID-19-related deaths. Another 1,289 previously confirmed cases are now considered resolved, bringing the number of known active cases down to just over 6,350.

Across Ontario, there are now 3,630 people with COVID-19, up from 3,448 on Wednesday, and at least 500 patients in intensive care.


  • COVID-19 cases per 100,000 (January 4 to January 10): 422.3 (up from 437.2)
  • Positivity rate in Ottawa (January 5 to January 11): 32.0% (vs. 32.7%)
  • Number of reproductions (seven-day average): 0.87
  • Known active cases: 6,352 (-758)

Reproduction values ​​greater than 1 indicate that the virus is spreading and that each case infects more than one contact. If it is less than 1, it means that the propagation is slowing down.

The number of known active cases is the number of confirmed cases (based on testing) minus the number of resolved cases and deaths.


There are 57 people in Ottawa hospitals on Thursday who are being treated for an active COVID-19 infection, up from 59 on Wednesday.

There are eight people in intensive care, unchanged from Wednesday.

Age categories of hospitalized people:

  • 0-9: 2
  • 10-19: 1 (1 in intensive care)
  • 20-29: 1
  • 30-39: 1
  • 40-49: 7 (3 in intensive care)
  • 50-59: 3
  • 60-69: 8 (1 in intensive care)
  • 70-79: 16 (2 in intensive care)
  • 80-89: 14 (1 in intensive care)
  • 90+: 4

(Ottawa Public Health is now reporting people hospitalized with an “active” infection)


From Monday:

  • Ottawa residents with 1 dose (5+): 899 678 (+1 259)
  • Ottawa residents with 2 doses (5+): 829,433 (+1 733)
  • Ottawa residents with 3 doses (12+): 437,634 (+18,410)
  • Proportion of the population aged five and over who received at least one dose: 91%
  • Proportion of the population aged five and over fully vaccinated: 84% (+1)

* Statistics for Ottawa residents with one or two doses include anyone with an Ottawa postal code who has been vaccinated anywhere in Ontario.


  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit: 55 in hospital, 8 in intensive care
  • Hastings Prince Edward Public Health: 33 in hospital, 9 in intensive care
  • Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health: 20 in hospital, 11 in intensive care
  • Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit: 18 in hospital, 6 in intensive care
  • Renfrew County & District Health Unit: 7 in hospital, 2 in intensive care
  • Outaouais: 109 hospitalized, 3 in intensive care

These figures are based on the latest data from each respective health unit at the time of publication.


Ottawa Public Health is currently reporting active outbreaks in the following locations:

  • 21 long-term care homes
  • 39 retirement homes
  • 27 hospital units
  • 51 other collective facilities (group homes, assisted living, etc.)
  • 1 primary school
  • 1 daycare

PHO has suspended reporting of community outbreaks in workplaces etc. since January 2, 2022.

A full list of locations with active outbreaks can be found on OPH’s COVID-19 dashboard.

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