Old resident accused of pooping in posh Manhattan building pool

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Talk about not giving a crap.

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An Upper East Side Condo building in Manhattan, where units sell in the millions, is suing an 83-year-old female resident, accusing her of pooping in the pool, according to court documents.

According to the new york postthe management of the Rio allege in a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court that Helen Hirsh “defecated in the fitness center’s pool and then again in the fitness center shower.”

They say, as a result, the condominium was “forced to shut down the fitness center’s pool so that it could be properly sanitized … and to take the fitness center’s shower out of use so that it could be cleaned and disinfected.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Hirsh “screams and makes loud noises while using the gym and the pool” and has used the gym equipment in a wet bathing suit and failed to shower before using the pool.

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Subsequently, she was banned from those areas but the lawsuit alleges she’s guilty of “deceitfully obtaining a code to access the fitness center from a real estate broker who had been” taking possible buyers through the building “and has even forced her way into the fitness center when another resident was exiting through the fitness center door.”

However, Hirsh told the DailyBeast she’s never pooped in the public spaces.

“No, never. Do they have evidence? Ridiculous, I was a doctor before!” before she added: “Maybe I am getting old.”

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Hirsh claims she plans to counter sue and thinks she’s being singled out because she doesn’t always tip the staff at the building.

“I’m an old lady. Why should I tip you all the time? she said. “I don’t want to live here anymore.”

Allied Partner, who manages the condo, said “no comment” when contacted by the post.

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