Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar explains why a pickle “is essential on your plate”

The festive season may be over but we are heading for harvest festivals like Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Pongal across the country. These festivals are a celebration of seasonal food items and how different cultures incorporate them into their diets. In this context, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar reminded us of a vital winter food delicacy – pickles. In an Instagram post, she wrote that “hardworking farmers in northern India harvest their winter vegetables and process them into winter pickles to improve their shelf life and nutritional value.” She added, “Winter pickles are an underrated, undervalued and underutilized delicacy.”

However, these delicacies are great for solving skin and gut problems and can also cure joint pain. They contain heaps of hand-crushed mustard, which acts as a traditional therapy for respiratory ailments in winter.

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Rujuta Diwekar added in his article, “The sun-baking and fermentation of shalgam, gajar and phul gobi is what the modern world of nutrition values ​​(and may even later appropriate) as pre, pro and post biotics.”

Winter pickles are not just a side dish for meals. Instead, they are an important part of the winter diet. Rujuta Diwekar wrote: “This foodiceutical is a must on your plate. The best part about pickles is that these delicacies can be enjoyed with Indian bread like chapatis and parathas, rice and khichdi.

Here is Rujuta Diwekar’s post:

Recently, the nutritionist also shared information about Indian ber or jujube. This winter fruit boosts immunity. Rujuta Diwekar wrote about the benefits of ber: “It is rich in vitamin C (richer than oranges), deadly for dandruff and the secret to glowing skin. They are also great for children who often get sick.” Click here to learn more about the benefits of ber.

Rujuta Diwekar had also posted a board on the winter menu. She identified the most nutritious ways to include seasonal vegetables and food items. She wrote: “Here is a suggested guide to planning your meals during this winter. Feel free to adjust and change times and food specialties to suit your convenience and region.” Read about it here.

Satisfy your winter food cravings with these nutritious seasonal delicacies.


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