No, the Internet – this shot does not look like “a Renaissance painting”

“I am not a college filmmaker,” he said. “All the intelligence I could have is instinct and what you might call emotional intelligence.

“I hadn’t thought, ‘Oh, let’s make a Rembrandt photo of it or something.’ This scene [of the three Roys], what he called emotionally, for me, was stillness. Which is a very powerful tool in Succession, because we don’t do it very often ”.

Rembrandt was, of course, active several decades after the end of the Renaissance. Which implicitly confirms what Mylod said explicitly: that he is not an art historian. What he is, however, is a good director of photography, who created a memorable image of three siblings in a surprising and unprecedented moment of togetherness.

It should be added that the plan of Kendall, Shiv and Roman does not recall a specific Renaissance image or even a Renaissance type of image. I suppose one could, all of a sudden, say a Pieta – but even then Kendall’s so-called Crumpled Christ figure is forced to duplicate itself, through the act of crying, as a so-called Virgin.


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