Netflix’s New Korean Horror Show Is About High Schoolers vs. Zombies

High school is never easy, but it’s much harder when your school is full of swarms of undead. Inside the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming action-horror series we are all dead, the students of a Korean high school must keep themselves alive while hundreds of their classmates – and possibly the rest of the world – turn into zombies. we are all deadThe first season of will be released on Netflix on January 28.

we are all dead takes place in a high school that becomes the starting point of a viral epidemic of zombies, thanks to the bad decisions of a science teacher. It turns out, though, that the zombie movies these kids grew up on are less night of the living dead and more Train to Busan, so they’re not going to go down without a pretty serious fight.

The series is based on a webtoon called Now at our school by Joo Dong-geun and adapted by Cheon Seong-il (Chuno). we are all deadThe first season will span eight episodes.

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