native of Brigantine recalls January 6 drama in DC | Local news

As the deputy chief of public affairs for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency in Washington, DC, Rebekah Mena has witnessed multiple marches and protests, as well as snowstorms, hurricanes and storms. other emergencies.

At that time, the Brigantine native only got scared at work once, she said in an interview this week.

She was at work last year, Jan.6, in a headquarters across the Anacostia River from the White House and the Capitol, as supporters of President Donald Trump gathered for a massive “Stop the Steal ”.

The first signs of unrest came early, she said, with the discovery of homemade bombs planted in front of the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic National Committees. Later that day, part of the crowd broke away from the rally near the White House to march on the Capitol, charging through the barricades and making their way into the building in an attempt to disrupt the certification of the election of Joe Biden.

“I worked there for five years. It was the day I got really scared at work, ”she said.

Mena, 27, returned to the area last year to take on the position of chief information officer in Atlantic City, where she now lives. She graduated in 2012 from Atlantic City High School and began working in Washington as an intern while working on her Masters.


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