MyZone Health offers fast delivery on rapid antigen tests, keeping Canadians and their families safe

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When you’re feeling under the weather, promptly knowing whether or not it’s COVID-19 can provide you, and those around you, with peace of mind. Plus, people who have a confirmed positive test can isolate instead of transmitting the illness to coworkers, friends, and family.

But when you’re sick, even the thought of waiting for two hours at a nearby testing site can make you feel much worse.

Unfortunately, most Canadians have discovered that finding affordable rapid antigen tests that arrive in a timely manner can be a challenge. What good is an at-home test if it shows up three weeks after your symptoms have resolved?

“The majority of people and businesses that are seeking rapid antigen tests need them now,” says Mike Schwarz, CEO of MyZone Health. “This means requiring them the same day or next morning, not in seven days.”

provides accurate, efficient, and trusted Boson Rapid Antigen Tests to Canadians who need to know whether or not they have an active case of COVID-19.

These nasal testing devices can keep workplaces safe for employees and protect those who are immunocompromised or elderly. By testing yourself on a regular basis, you can avoid ever having to send your friends the dreaded text message that says “I’ve exposed you to COVID-19.”

At-home testing can also help keep families with school-aged children safe. If a child tests positive on a rapid antigen test, they can stay home and isolate instead of spreading it to classmates or other family members.

“The past two years have been very challenging for rapid antigen test suppliers as they try to keep up with demand and up until now, suppliers have been back-ordered one to two weeks out,” says Schwarz. “However, we have good news for Canadians.”

MyZone Health ships out all orders the same day and if “UPS Express” is selected, customers receive their rapid antigen tests the following day.

The Boson Rapid Antigen Tests are accurate, easy-to-use, authorized by Health Canada, and results can be provided in as little as 20 minutes. The testing devices also cost around $10 each, making it one of the more cost-effective options available to Canadians.

MyZone Health offers a pack of 20 tests for $199 or wholesale options for employers and organizations of all sizes.

“Starting today, we’ll be reintroducing same-day local courier services within the downtown areas of many major Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Toronto,” says Schwarz. “Once this service has been successfully rolled out, MyZone Health will also be developing a network of local business owners who will act as distribution partners, speeding up the delivery process.”

Keeping a collection of rapid antigen tests at home is a simple way to protect your loved ones while reducing the spread of COVID-19 in your community.

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