Mike Zeck Confirms He Wasn’t the Seller of $3.3 Million in Spider-Man Artwork


Earlier in the week, Bleeding Cool noted that the sale of a few pages of secret wars #8 original artwork by mike zeck were going to sell for a lot of money, but we had no idea how much it would cost. Yesterday, Heritage Auctions set the record for the largest in-house comic book original artwork, breaking the previous record for Wolverine’s debut appearance five times, at $3.36 million. Showing the moment Peter Parker dons the symbiotic Spider-Man suit that would become Venom for the first time, many comic book creators were talking about it on social media.

  • Rob Liefeld: The 1st artistic appearance of the Black Spidey/Venom costume in Secret Wars costs 3 MILLION DOLLARS at Heritage!
  • Jimmy Palmiotti: OKAY- ANYBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE ORIGINAL MRKET COMIC RIGHT NOW? This page just sold at @HeritageAuction for $3,360,000.00 I’m speechless…
  • Bryan Hitch: I need to raise my prices…
  • John McCrea: money laundering, tax deductions
  • Zoop’s Jordan Plosky: I was told that high-end collectibles, like rated comics, and original artwork are now part of the asset class. No longer for fun, but for investment. The fact that it was sold at auction means that someone else also upped the ante very high. still crazy.
  • Gary Frank: Many very wealthy buyers use auction purchases as tax deductions.
  • Masculine David: Impossible. It does not mean anything. Unless it’s money laundering, then it is.
  • Reilly Brown: For some reason this makes me less stingy about getting the Zeck Artist Edition…
  • Chris Chiang: Lots of cheap money floating around due to low interest rates. I have heard of funds investing in works of art of all kinds. Kudos to the seller.
  • John Beatty: HUGE congratulations to @MikeZeck for setting the NEW record for an inside page. Excerpt from Secret Wars #8.
    Winning bid with 3.6 million bonus!!! @HeritageAuction I didn’t ink this page but Zeck did the pencil layouts for the book. Congratulations to the winner too!! #secretwars #comicart #mikezeck

Any chance it was Mike Zeck who sold it? Unfortunately not. Mike Zeck tweeted “I’ll dash that hope… Not me. If you see any of my originals up for auction you can be 100% sure I’m not the seller.” What is also worth mentioning is that the other Secret Wars The 8th page put up for auction, which preceded the record holder, always sold for an incredible sum,

Venom Splatter Front Page Original Auction Art

It sold for $288,000, still a huge sum, just under ten times the price on the next page. It could also be good news for Eric Roberts, longtime comic book collector and son of the “R” of global investment firm KKR, who owns the first appearance of Spider-Man’s black suit on the cover of amazing spider man #252 which was published months before Secret Wars #8…

Mike Zeck Confirms He Wasn't the Seller of $3.3 Million in Spider-Man Artwork

Someone wants to make him an offer he can’t refuse?

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