Magneto and 9 other comic book characters who have mastered magnetism

There are a wide variety of different power sets in the comic book world, although a number of them stem from the ability to manipulate universal elements or forces like magnetism. The most obvious example of this type of ability is the former villain and current leader of the X-Men, Magneto, the self-proclaimed “Master of Magnetism”.

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Magneto may be the most well-known magnetic character in the comics, but he’s just one of the many characters who have demonstrated powerful control over magnetism, and they all share a unique bond with one. elemental force that can make these following characters seriously overpowered in their respective universes.

ten Magneto is an omega-level mutant known as the master of magnetism

The original X-Men made their public debut in 1963, presenting themselves to the world in a battle against Marvel’s “Master of Magnetism” known as Magneto, who quickly became one of the most powerful villains in the world. mutant team before deciding to join them.

One of the most powerful mutants to ever live, Magneto can harness the power of Earth’s electromagnetic field to empower himself and generate strong magnetic fields that allow him to manipulate most types of metal, generate powerful shields of strength or even harness the universal energies in battle.

9 Cosmic Boy uses his super-magnetism as the leader of the Legion of Superheroes

Cosmic Boy using his magnetic abilities

Rok Krinn / Cosmic Boy is a founding member of the Legion of Superheroes in the 3rd century, and one of the team leaders as well as the most powerful members. He comes from the planet Braal and has the ability to generate and manipulate magnetic fields, a trait shared by only 1% of the population of his planet.

Cosmic Boy also has a unique connection to the planetary electromagnetic fields from which he draws his energy, and he has the ability to change his vision to perceive magnetic fields and energy. Cosmic Boy’s younger brother Pol Krinn also joined the Legion as the Magnetic Kid and shared similar abilities.

8 Polaris is Magneto’s mutant daughter who shares a similar set of powers

X-Men's Polaris Lorna Dane Using Her Green Metal Powers

Magneto’s mastery over magnetism was passed on to his green-haired mutant daughter, Lorna Dane, who would join the X-Men as Polaris before later succeeding with teams like the X-Factor.

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While Lorna’s power levels were not originally comparable to her infamous father’s, they have both fluctuated over the years. Sometimes Lorna has proven to be powerful enough to throw an island into space. During a period when Magneto’s powers had weakened, Polaris discovered that his powers could strengthen his fathers, as they shared a similar connection with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

seven Outburst was a metahuman who formed Lex Luthor’s Supermen of America

Unleashed using his magnetic abilities

Mitchell Andersen was a troubled teenager whose family was saved by Superman during Doomsday’s rampage on Metropolis, although he made an appearance later in life when he donned the costumed identity of Outburst and revealed his metahuman magnetic abilities.

Like Outburst, he used magnetic energy to manipulate metallic objects or charging surfaces or like a magnet. He had hoped to become Superman’s sidekick, but was instead selected by Lex Luthor to round up other metahumans to form a short-lived corporate team, the Supermen of America.

6 Ultimate Doctor Octopus Controlled His Robotic Tentacles Using Magnetokinesis

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe has reinvented popular characters and updated characters like Spider-Man for the modern era, with no continuity. Ultimate Doctor Octopus was initially very similar to the mainstream version of the character, although it ultimately revealed one key difference.

While the traditional Doctor Octopus was connected to his metallic tentacles by a mental bond, Ultimate Doctor Octopus learned that he actually controlled the metal to form arms using an ability known as ferrokinesis. He gained this powerful ability during the crash that initially tied him to his original metal arms.

5 Strange visitor had powerful electromagnetic abilities that required a containment suit

Strange visitor using his electromagnetic abilities

Kismet was a powerful cosmic entity whose essence merged with Sharon Vance and unlocked powers that threatened to destabilize his body. She was able to control her abilities using the same containment suit Superman used when her body transformed into energy.

Vance became known as the Strange Visitor and she became a hero using her electromagnetic abilities. She was able to generate strong magnetic fields and force shields, although she was hampered by her reliance on her containment suit. Strange Visitor ultimately sacrificed herself to empower Superman in the Imperiex War.

4 Magnattack uses his magnetic abilities to form deadly metal armor around him

Magnattack of the Invincible Universe

Invincible featured a number of interesting new heroes and villains in the Image Comics universe that had unique and interesting power sets. Magnattack was an overpowered henchman who used his magnetic abilities to generate metallic armor.

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Magnattack used the metal plates that served as his combination both defensively and offensively, as some of them contained timed explosives that allowed him to defend against even the most powerful opponents in the series, like Invincible and the Guardians of the Globe.

3 Polestar wore an armored suit that allowed him to generate magnetic fields

Polestar using its magnetic abilities

Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider both encountered costumed mercenaries who served as agents in The Great Game, an elite underground betting network that employed overpowered players in various types of matches to bet with other wealthy sponsors. .

Thomas Duffy was the armored mercenary known as the Polestar whose powerful armor allowed him to generate magnetic fields that allowed him to repel or attract objects as well as further strengthen his own armor. Unfortunately, Polestar’s armor couldn’t stop the bullet that took his life.

2 Magenta can create and manipulate strong magnetic fields to control metal

Magenta using its magnetic abilities

Frances Kane developed the metahuman ability to generate and manipulate magnetic fields, which she used to become a hero known as Magenta who began her training with her boyfriend, Wally West, the Third Flash, but she quickly retired when she decided the superhero life was not for her.

However, she then turned to meanness after her mental illness, exacerbated by her powers, led to the creation of a dark character, and she set her sights on her ex as a member of villainous teams. like the Rogues and the Injustice League.

1 Doctor Polaris exposed himself to magnetic energy to acquire his powerful abilities

DC’s own master of magnetism is Doctor Polaris, and more than one character has used this title over the years. Dr. Neal Emerson was the first, after years of experimenting with magnets to cure cancer, to give him the ability to manipulate magnetic fields with his mind.

He had a dark character who took over to create the criminal Doctor Polaris, and he has a number of powerful feats that include using his abilities to shoot the Justice League Watchtower towards Earth. After his death, John Nichol used his gear to briefly reprise the role until he was killed by a zombified Emerson.

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