London weather forecast for New Years as Javid urges celebration outside

Although no new coronavirus restrictions have been implemented in England for the New Year, the Health Secretary has urged people to ‘celebrate outside’.

Sajid Javid said “people should be careful” and urged those marking the start of 2022 to consider pre-testing themselves and celebrating outdoors, with the Omicron variant growing so rapidly that it accounts for 90% of all new cases of Covid-19.

The decision not to impose restrictions beyond Plan B measures already in place in England comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was briefed on the impact of the Christmas mix on coronavirus infections and hospitalizations.

Sajid Javid told broadcasters on Monday: “We are looking at the data on a daily basis – this has not changed over the Christmas period.

“But there will be no other measures until the new year. Of course, people should be careful with the New Year celebrations approaching.

“Do a lateral flow test if that makes sense, celebrate outside if you can, have some ventilation if you can.

“Please be careful and when we go into the New Year of course then we’ll see if we need to take any further action, but nothing more until then, at least.”

The Health Secretary’s comments came after Mr Johnson spoke to Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Science Officer Sir Patrick Vallance about Covid’s image in the country .

So if it’s New Years Eve outside this year, what does the weather forecast look like for London?

New Years Eve could be the mildest on record with temperatures reaching 15C, the Met Office said.

The previous New Year’s record of 14.8 ° C (58.64 ° F) was set in 2011.

However, this year could see that level matched or even surpassed in parts of the UK.

Forecasts for London indicate that there will be highs of 15C on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, dropping to 14C on Saturday.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “The record was 14.8 ° C on New Years Eve and it was in 2011, temperatures appear to be 14-15 ° C (57.2-59 ° F), so it’s possible that the temperatures are that value. ”He said.

Mr Dewhurst said the weather throughout the week will be ‘mild’, adding: ‘We will see throughout the country, for the remainder of the week, temperatures above average for this time of year. .

“The average UK temperature at this time of year is expected to be around 7-8C (44.6-46.4F).

“Going forward, we’re aiming for highs of around 12-14C (53.6-57.2F), locally maybe 15C in one or two places, so that will be well above average.”

It comes after parts of the UK have had a White Christmas, with snowfall in Yorkshire and Scotland.

However, Mr Dewhurst warned the British would not bask in unusual sunshine.

“It won’t be blue skies all week,” he said.

“There are going to be clouds at times as well as strong winds and heavy rain, especially in the north and west of the UK.

“This is all due to low pressure systems crossing the Atlantic and bringing in milder air and humid weather. ”

He added that there were no weather warnings in place, but parts of the UK will be bolstered by high winds later in the week.

“Gales are sometimes possible in the south and west during the week,” he said.

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