Labor loses Hull after decade-long rule but says Lib Dems are simply ‘renting’ city

The Liberal Democrats have regained Hull City Council after more than a decade of control by the Labor Party.

The Lib Dems now hold 29 of the council’s 57 seats, with Labour, previously the biggest party, on 27, and one independent. The Conservatives also lost their single seat on the council.

Mike Ross, the city’s Lib Dem council leader, said voters had “sent a message no-one could ignore.”

Labor claimed the Lib Dems were simply “renting” the city and said they will get it back next year.

Labor went into polling day with 29 seats, a working majority of one, to the Lib Dems’ 26.

The Lib Dems, who had been fighting to regain power in the city since 2011, topped cabinet member Gwen Lunn in the University ward and John Black in Longhill and Bilton Grange.

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