Knights of Ren Trailer True or False?

What is described as a leaked trailer for a Knights of Ren movie or TV series makes Star Wars fans wonder if this is real.

What appears to be a trailer for one Star wars a Knights of Ren movie or TV series has surfaced, and fans are struggling to decide if it’s legit.

The sequence presents a very the Lord of the Rings/ Nahzgul-esque member of the Knights of Ren jumping from a TIE fighter and slicing an X-wing. The title of the alleged project turns out to be Knights of Ren: A Star Wars Story, but while the subtitle is the same as that used for the theater Star wars anthology movies, the Disney + logo would suggest that it is a streaming series, if at all. Either way, some fans can’t tell if it’s right or wrong.

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The Knights of Ren made their debut in the force awakens through namedrops and visions before appearing correctly in The Rise of Skywalker. The group consists of elite, masked, Force-sensitive warriors, with Kylo Ren acting as their leader. However, while many were intrigued by the concept of the Knights of Ren in the force awakens, their role in The Rise of Skywalker, who saw them easily eliminated by reformed Ben Solo after serving as a nameless and faceless henchman, left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths.

Despite their lack of screen time, more light has been shed on the Knights of Ren in Marvel’s Star wars comics – especially The Rise of Kylo Ren, which featured former band frontman Ren. The group is also currently playing a role in the Crimson Reign crossover, written by Charles Soule with art by Steve Cummings.

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“To clarify – Ren and the Knights of Ren are not part of Crimson Dawn. They are working with Qi’ra and his people, to achieve a common goal. Ren is not much of a carpenter,” Soule recently told CBR. . “It’s spectacular to be able to expand what we know about him and the Knights, especially with his recent television appearance as part of the Terrifying tales special vacation on Disney + – in Lego, nothing less! Will Sliney invested a lot in him when we built him, and seeing him work his way into the larger storytelling is incredibly fun. “

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