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Recent social media videos of bodybuilding legend Kai Greene have led to speculation about his possible downsizing. Greene has not competed professionally since winning the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil. His absence from the competition indicates that he may never compete professionally again. However, the 46-year-old has retained his massive physique more than five years after his last competition. Lately, Kai Greene’s social media posts have raised speculation that he may be downsizing and that this could be a hint that he is moving away from the competitive side of bodybuilding for good.

Greene posted several videos on his Instagram account to promote Powertech equipment and machinery. Looking at his physique in the videos, many people in the comments section wondered if Greene was downsizing. However, there is no clear evidence or major size difference to suggest this is the case. Kai Greene’s vascular, jagged look is missing in these videos but his size is still there.

The difference in Kai Greene’s appearance can be attributed to many different factors, such as changes in diet, supplements, training program, or other things that are confidential to him. However, there is no room to say that he is definitely downsizing.

Most of us are in awe of the type of physique and conditioning professional bodybuilders bring to the stage. Fans expect their favorite bodybuilders to look a certain way, regardless of factors like long-term health and post-retirement priorities. This could be one of the reasons why such speculations emerge even when people notice the slightest difference in a bodybuilder’s physique. However, it’s important to let bodybuilders choose their path after retirement without burdening them with our expectations of how they look.

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About Kai Greene

Kai Greene is an American professional bodybuilder who competed in the Open Professional Division from 2005 to 2016. Although he earned the IFBB Pro card with a win at the 1999 NPC Pro Universe, Greene took a five-year hiatus from the sport and of the NPC Pro Universe. in 2004 again.

A six-time Mr. Olympia entrant, Kai Greene has finished in the top five five times and finished second twice. He is considered one of the best bodybuilders who have never won the Olympic crown. During his storied career, Kai Greene has won 11 trade shows, including three victories at the Arnold Classic. He last participated in the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil and finished first. He has not officially announced his retirement. However, it seems less likely the day he will compete as a professional bodybuilder again.

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