ITV Tipping Point: Inside Ben Shephard’s beautiful London home which he shares with his wife Annie and children

Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard lives in a beautiful family home in London.

He shares the West London home with his wife Annie and their two boys, 16-year-old Jack and 14-year-old Sam.

The couple married in 2004 and their beautiful home is often seen on Instagram.

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Annie is an interior design pro, and she occasionally shares other stunning snapshots of their home on her Instagram account “The House Editor”.

Let’s take a look inside the beautiful pad where TV star Ben lives.

The Good Morning Britain star has a comfortable living room with a large white fireplace.

Ben, 47, also seems to have a lot of large books strewn aesthetically on the coffee table.

The elegant bedroom is decorated with plants and small trinkets on the fireplace.

Keeping this appearance classy, ​​Annie posted this wonderful photo of the sun flooding their house.

They have a mustard plush chair with a cushion that is more reminiscent of this navy color theme.

Annie also shared her love for antique shops, with several pieces placed around their home.

Fresh dandelions add a splash of color and glow to their glass doors, leading out to their lovely back garden.

An Instagram video of Ben shows their huge garden.

There’s even room for an entire marquee tent in the back.

The huge family green space seems to be the ideal place to relax but also to have fun with the family.

You can imagine the boys playing soccer together on the grass.

Annie also shares a love for gardening on Instagram, and it’s clear that she takes their space a lot of care.

In their garden, they grow various fruits and vegetables.

In this lovely vaulted space, they even have a lovely table to enjoy the exterior beauty of their home.

She looks so flawless that fans even comment on her posts saying “I want a garden like yours, amazing, how do you keep it so beautiful with 2 boys and football?”

Ben rarely posts clear images of the home’s interiors on Instagram, but in this video we catch a glimpse of their kitchen.

Continuing the navy theme, the walls also feature cute framed family photos.

There is also a sign that says “School Bus” and a poster of West Ham – Ben’s favorite football team.

With many memories related to the capital scattered throughout their home, the Shephards truly live in a pad of London.

London has it all – the best nightlife, food, drink, events, markets, everything!

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Over the course of his career, Ben has raised $ 5million according to, which is estimated to be around £ 3.6million at the current exchange rate.

There has clearly been money well spent as he and his family keep a beautiful house

Ben presents Tipping Point on ITV.


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