‘It’s very helpful’: Bakery owner backed by post-flight support

Police are investigating after a perpetrator struck both on Wednesday and a week earlier.

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The owner of an Elgin Street bakery says she was stunned by an outpouring of public support after being robbed twice in the space of a week.

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It wasn’t the first time the Brown Loaf bakery had been robbed, the owner said in an interview Friday, but the proximity of the robberies and the fact that they were allegedly carried out by the same person filled her with fear.

“We don’t feel safe,” said the owner, who asked not to be named or photographed because she feared the man she said stole from her store.

“It’s very bad. It’s not the first time, it’s the second time. It’s very weird.

Both times the man, whom she described as wearing clean clothes, walked into the bakery and posed as if he was going to buy something. But suddenly, says the owner, he asked for money.

She would not provide further details of the robberies, but noted that the man did not use violence.

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It was the nature of the alleged robberies and the man’s demeanor – the audacity that the attacker had struck on both Wednesday and a week earlier – that struck her as “frightening” and distinguished these thefts from the others.

Police have been contacted and are investigating, the owner said. The Ottawa Police Service did not respond to questions about the thefts on Friday.

As news of the thefts spread by word of mouth and on social media, community members reached out to help.

“People are very supportive,” the owner said. “They come to give money and ask how we are doing. They are very nice, very supportive. »

Customers and neighbors stopped by the bakery, donated money and offered to do what they could to help the owners, who, like other restaurants and shops in the area, had to deal with a revitalization project in 2019-20 that turned much of Elgin Street into a construction zone.

The community’s response has edified the owner of the bakery.

“That’s fine,” she said. “Very useful.”

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