Is this the cheapest (non Wetherspoons) pint in London?

Living in London can be expensive (to say the least). We all know the trials and tribulations of juggling transport, food and of course drink costs. For that reason, we’re on a mission to spend January finding the cheapest pint in town (not counting pints from the famous Wetherspoons chain for reasons you’ll surely understand).

Our quest began on social media last week when we asked readers if they had any cheap frosted bevs from before – and the list was endless. We called your suggestions to check prices (very CBBC Shortchange, we know) and a clear winner emerged:

A pint of Alpine IPA for just £3.10 at Captain Kidd in Wapping.

The Grade II riverside pub was named after the 17th century pirate William Kid, who was executed at Execution Dog. This also does a Double Four lager for £4.60 and a Taddy for £5.20. There were also finalists who came close to Captain Kidd, with Top Secret Comedy Club and The Ramble Inn sell pints for £3.60.

Of course, our quest has only just begun. Maybe there’s still a cheaper cold boy we haven’t heard of yet. If you usually get your pints cheaper than this, let us know!

In the meantime, here is a list of all pubs and bars recommended by our readers:

The Duke


Phineas (UCL Students’ Union)

The Tarmon


The failing rear

Kew Cricket Club

red lion

The Prince of Wales

elephant and castle

Hand in hand


daddy dough

Spitalfields Pride

Twickenham Brewery

Albert’s bow

The Marquess of Cornwallis

The bird in the hand


The halfway house

The moon under water

Samon & Ball

Waterloo Faucet

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