Irate customer calls police over price of decaf espresso – and coffee shop fined £850 – World News

Francesco Sanapo, the furious owner of Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Italy, says the man was so angry at paying £1.70 for the coffee shot he called police – but they sided with the customer

Police sided with the customer who complained that the price wasn’t displayed – and was too high

A man called the police after discovering the price of his espresso – and landed the coffee shop in hot water.

Ditta Artigianale, in Florence, Italy, were handed a whopping fine after the customer’s complaint was taken seriously.

The man called cops after being charged €2 (£1.70) for his decaffeinated coffee shot.

He said the price was not displayed on a menu behind the counter and the shop had broken the law by serving up the coffee without telling him how much the product was going to cost.

The error meant the owner was fined €1,000, around £850, and he made his feeling clear on social media.

Ditta Artigianale’s owner was furious with the big fine



Francesco Sanapo defended his coffee, which he said comes from a small plantation in Mexico.

He said it is always “prepared with great care by my baristas”.

He went on to argue that the price of the espresso was displayed on a digital menu.

“They fined me because somebody got offended for paying €2 for a decaffeinated coffee. Can you believe it? Sanapo said after receiving the letter from the police.

The coffee shop has won several awards but one man didn’t enjoy his visit



“Even today, someone can get so annoyed that they mobilize the police, who find us to be in the wrong due to an outdated law. This law must be changed because otherwise 99.9% of bars and restaurants would easily fall foul of it.”

Regulars were quick to side with the owner.

“If this customer went to London he’d get the FBI involved,” one wrote on Facebook.

It’s not the only unimportant complaint someone has bothered police with.

A Burger King customer who phoned 911 to demand they do something as her meal wasn’t cooked perfectly.

The woman was quickly put in her place after being slammed for wasting emergency services’ time.

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