In Peak Sydney Rental News, police were called after hundreds lined up for a home inspection

In the latest edition of ‘Tell me you live in Sydney without telling me you live in Sydney’, hundreds of people lined up almost as badly as those at COVID testing facilities to inspect a rental property in the south -West of Sydney.

In footage shared by TikToker @kuzman67 (who lives in the area), people could be seen waiting in a long line and cars parked everywhere to check out a pad across the road.


Rent in Sydney. Open house for a rental property. More than 200 people showed up at the same time. Blocked off the whole neighborhood. #rent #sydneyaustralia #houserental #gridlock #police #amazing

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According to, the property in question is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom floor in Hinchinbrook for $530 a week. Meanwhile, I pay nearly double for a rental apartment in Ultimo.

“Over two hundred people, maybe more, came,” the recording man said in the video as he described the scene as “incredible” and unlike anything he had seen before.

“Total congestion of the whole street. People drive on grass, sidewalks, park everywhere, block driveways.

The TikTok then cuts to the street later, where the house’s aspiring tenants have left the area and two police officers outside on the road.

Real estate agent Isbaella Mucedole of Blaze Real Estate told around 100 punters registered to view the property while around 100 more waited outside.

She also confirmed that the police were eventually called after reports of illegal parking.

The agency is now only taking bookings of up to ten people per home inspection, which even without this scene seems fair given the current health crisis climate.

In semi-related news, apparently Australia’s rental scene is a ‘landlord’s market’, which should come as no surprise to anyone paying $275 a week for a converted study in a mold-infested flatshare surrounded by a Seemingly endless horde of drunken, screaming teenagers roam the streets at 3am.

According to real estate website Domain, homeowners are gaining again (as they have in virtually every era in history except, say, the French Revolution) as the number of vacant rental units available decreases.

So yeah, I don’t blame these people for lining up to inspect a 4-bed, 2-bath house for $530 a week like it’s a One Direction gig.

Image: TikTok/ [@kuzman67]

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