I’m an NFT artist who made $57,000 in a month using Fiverr

  • Damian Augustyniak ran a successful business designing t-shirt and album graphics for metal bands.
  • Some Fiverr customers started approaching him asking if he could design NFT collections as well.
  • Augustyniak charges between $1,300 and $7,250 per collection creating between 100 and 10,000 JPEGs.

This narrated essay is based on a conversation with Damian Augustyniak, the 30-year-old founder of GuziKart, living in Makarska, Croatia, about his business. It has been edited for length and clarity.

When I was 20, I got my first job, making furniture in a factory in my home country of Poland. The work was boring. I loved to draw in my spare time, so I started drawing t-shirt designs for bands. I found local heavy-metal bands and others in the UK and US and offered my creations to them for free. I just liked their music.

A few bands liked the stuff so much that they decided to pay me, even though I didn’t want payment. I got fired from furniture work, which was a blessing. I could now freelance for metal bands full time.

For five years I worked alone, designing t-shirts for Joey Ramone, Slayer and Sabaton. But it was very busy, so I started my own company, called Guzikart, and hired an assistant in July 2017. Every six months, I needed to hire someone else. I put together a team of five assistants who can create and manage the design process for the t-shirts. In October 2021, my t-shirt design business was making $15,000 per month.

I had an account on the Fiverr work platform since 2017

In October 2021, people started contacting me asking if I could produce NFT collections as well as T-shirts. I had never done anything like this before, but the process seemed similar to creating designs for t-shirts.

I posted an ad on Fiverr saying I could produce the artwork for the NFT collections for people. My prices start at around $1300 for a single base artwork and 100 NFTs from that with around 10 different strokes. They go up to around $7,250 for 10,000 NFTs and 100 different traits.

I put an official announcement on Fiverr on October 13th. The next day I had a client. Then things started to snowball. On November 10, I had 18 new NFT customers from Fiverr alone, and more from other platforms.

Damian Augustyniak first posted his NFT commercial on Fiverr on October 13, 2021.


Right now I have about 110 orders, of which about 80 are NFTs. We reply to about 100 or 150 messages about NFTs every day.

At first, I did everything myself, but just like the T-shirts, I needed to hire assistants to design character attributes. I also can’t do 3D design, so I hired designers to handle that. I have a few assistants chatting with potential clients in my inbox so I can focus more on the work I’m creating. And I have a manager who follows deadlines.

I did my taxes recently and realized that I had hired 40 employees

I want to give all my employees the job security that I didn’t have at the start. They are all under contract, so they feel more secure.

When clients approach me asking about designing their NFT collection art, I ask a few questions, like what kind of style they want and what they expect. I charge $300 to create a basic character with a few traits. This way the client can see if the character design is right for them and I still get paid for my work. Ninety-eight percent of the time people are happy.

Next, we move on to the complete collection. The client writes each trait they need in a list. My assistants work on the traits and each attribute unless it’s very difficult to draw, so I do. We work until we’ve completed 100 traits with the base character, which we aim to do within 14 days.

Then we take all the artwork and run it through a Python program we bought from a developer that generates 10,000 NFTs from 100 strokes. We also log the rarity of each NFT through this collection – very important information for when the NFT is minted.

Since October, I create 10 or 15 NFT collections per month with my team

As of December 2021, I’ve earned approximately $57,000 from designing artwork for NFT Collections. Just a month before that, I was worried the market was going to crash, it was growing so fast.

I’m doing my own NFT project called tomorrow’s monkeys. This is a project that will include books and audiobooks for children that teach them empathy.

I have a weird relationship with NFTs and cryptocurrency. I’m not a fan of people who create NFTs just to produce images and make a profit. Although it is very early to join the NFT market, I believe that if you invest in a project that has long-term ideas and applications, it may be worth it.

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