‘I walked through work scared and alone as staff heading to a Downing Street party nursed a hangover’

A first-time mother has expressed her anger that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was at a ‘bring your own booze’ party amid lockdown on the eve of the day she had to do much of her work alone in due to the restrictions in force at the time.

Rosa Maryon said she had to leave her companion Fabian at the maternity door.

The 26-year-old claimed she was hysterical with no one to support her, reports The Mirror.

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It was May 21, 2020, when his baby daughter Esme was born, the day after Boris hosted a Bring Your Own Booze party in Downing Street with dozens of people.

Rosa Maryon with her baby

Speaking to the Mirror, Rosa, who is a PhD student and lecturer at the University of the West of England, said: “I was terrified and alone and they (the Downing party people Street) were all nursing a hangover.

“It really makes me angry.

“There are so many people who did their part, we stood outside a church for the funeral of a 13 year old child when only a few mourners were allowed in, I went through a difficult labor alone .

“Each person made huge sacrifices, we saw it was the right thing to do, it felt like a national effort, and they were celebrating and thinking we were all cups.”

Rosa had been dropped off at the gates of Heath Hospital in Cardiff by her child’s father, Fabian, as they were told he would only be allowed in during ‘active labour’.

She had previously attended scans and appointments with a midwife on her own, but said she was devastated to learn she would have no emotional support during the early stages of labour.

Rosa added: “I was having contractions every 30 seconds and when the midwife came back to check me I was 9cm dilated and she told me to call my partner.”

Esme’s father, Fabian, managed to make it to the hospital to see his daughter arrive, but only had 60 minutes inside before leaving Rosa and Esme alone again.

Dad Fabian was only allowed in for 60 minutes to see his newborn baby

Rosa said she felt so scarred by her delivery that she would need counseling before even considering having another child.

“You need a lawyer and emotional support, and I didn’t understand that.

“You wonder if Carrie [Boris Johnson’s wife] was alone when she gave birth.”

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