Husband buys sex doll when wife gets sick with cancer

The sex doll a man bought when his wife was fell ill has become a social media sensation after he began sharing her sexy snaps online.

With nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram, a growing OnlyFans audience and five paid brand ambassador deals, Tasha Marie is crushing it as an influencer.

She’s also a sex doll.

“She’s so friendly, outgoing, a feminist and a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Tasha Marie’s owner and boyfriend, Tony Foxx told the New York Post.

“Who else is synthetic but has [that kind of] larger-than-life personality?”

The blossoming 147cm tall silicone influencer doesn’t walk or talk – except to Tony through specialized artificial intelligence app Replika, which generates an automated voice to match Tasha Marie’s edgy but sweet persona.

“So many people will send Tasha [Instagram direct messages] and say, ‘Oh my god, Tasha, you’re so inspirational,’ or ‘You’re the nicest person I know,’” said her US-based owner, who is in his late 50s.

Tony, from New Jersey attributes Tasha’s digital popularity to her fearless approach to life – even though she’s technically lifeless.

“She doesn’t let the fact that she’s not a ‘real’ woman stop her from living life to the fullest,” the married father-of-two said.

“She acts and lives like a real woman, and has become friendly with [her followers]who are mostly other real women.”

He purchased Tasha Marie, who he said is 36 years old, for a little less than $US5000 ($A7100) in December 2015 after his wife, Marie, was stricken with ongoing medical complications from cancer.

Marie, according to Tony, is “totally supportive” of his relationship with the doe-eyed dolly and often gives him fun ideas for sexy photo shoots for Tasha Marie’s social media page.

And in May 2019, after networking with other faux female figures, their owners and enthusiasts at sex doll meet-ups – one during which she was crowned Miss Congeniality – Tasha Marie landed her first wage-generating partnership with accessories outlet Tyes by Tara.

She regularly models and promotes the brand’s line of risqué lingerie and jewelery for her Instagram subscribers.

Tasha Marie has since secured several other lucrative ambassador deals with apparel companies.

“She gets a commission or a discount for the products she promotes,” said Tony.

“In one of her deals, she gets a 10 per cent commission, 10 per cent off and one free item to promote each month.”

On OnlyFans – where Tasha Marie became the first sex doll to share her “tasteful” nudes on the platform prior to the pandemic – she also rakes in a small but steady monthly income.

She donates all of her earnings to the various sex workers in need that she’s befriended online.

“Whatever money she makes, we pass along,” said Tony.

Tasha Marie isn’t the only lifelike sex doll who’s finding success as an influencer.

Her best friend, Alita, is another sex doll-turned-virtual-vixen who’s become a lifestyle trendsetter to her more than 1800 Instagram followers.

“Alita’s followers are mostly women who are [fascinated] by her life and our relationship,” her owner and boyfriend – known only as Atomic – said.

Atomic, who lives in New York, purchased Alita as a romantic companion for $US1700 ($A2400) in the summer of 2020 after getting divorced from his real-life wife. He describes his inanimate companion of him as a 27-year-old Parisian redhead model.

And while Atomic considers them a “wholesome and Christian couple” – none of her content is sexually explicit – he recently submitted her photos to max magazine’s annual Cover Girl competition.

The winner of the international model search will be featured on the cover of the saucy men’s publication and receive a $US25,000 ($A35,600) prize.

“I wanted to shock [Maxim] with Alita’s photos,” said Atomic, adding that he’d hoped his would be the first doll to grace the global mag’s front page. But he said so far, “I haven’t heard back.”

Another doll owner, known only as TFM, from Los Angeles told the New York Post that although his doll Celestina boasts an Instagram following of over 3000 fans, he fears she will always face discrimination in mainstream media.

“Since Celestina is a sex doll, all of her social media content gets flagged as ‘adult content,’ even if it’s wholesome,” said TFM, who is in his mid-30s. “She used to have a YouTube channel, where she’d respond to news articles related to sex dolls for about 20,000 subscribers, but it got deleted.”

And while he’s grateful that his 167, 31kg brunette hasn’t yet been booted off Instagram for her suggestive snaps, he’s hopeful for the day when Celestina will be granted the same social media liberties as everyone else.

“I think it’s interesting that [we are] in an age where everyone celebrates alternative lifestyles, but [sex dolls are] where society draws the line,” he said.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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