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The last time my mate Yotam Ottolenghi and I got together we were talking about his spinach and potato pie. You know how close friends love to talk about recipes and what they’re up to dinner, discuss what’s growing in their garden, or how they’re going to use the last jar of candied lemons. Well, that’s what Yotam and I like to talk about. We briefly discussed his proposed Australian tour, which was due to take place in the middle of 2021, but given the state of the world, he wasn’t entirely sure what was to come. And now the tour takes place. And he’s doing two shows here in Canberra on January 17th and 19th. (I’m going to pretend he’s coming to dinner on the 18th, but he’s actually going to Adelaide between the Canberra shows.) So if I can ‘To invite him to dinner, I thought about things I could put in. a basket that I could have delivered to his hotel room that could best represent what Canberra is. Remember when Prime Minister Scott Morrison presented his British counterpart Boris Johnson with a basket featuring a few BentSpoke beers alongside some Australian icons such as Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Penfolds wine, Tim Tams and Vegemite? So what would we put in our ultimate Canberra basket for Yotam? Since the tour is based on her book Flavor (Ebury Press, $ 55), we took it off the shelf for inspiration. “How many other ways are there to fry an eggplant?” The answer, I am delighted to announce, is multiple, ”he says in one chapter. So of course we would send her a voucher for a dinner at Ben Willis’ Griffith restaurant, Aubergine. We’re pretty sure the two would get along like a house on fire given their appreciation for quality produce served without overdoing it. “Vegetable-focused meals are flexible by nature, there is no natural hierarchy or clear order in which things need to appear at the table.” He would therefore like the approach of the Monster Kitchen and Bar, where the year of vegetables continues. Treat him to the eight-course tasting menu; he would love to finish the elderflower and chamomile ice cream. While his latest book Shelf Love (Ebury Press, $ 49.99) focuses on the pantry, he lists 20 essential ingredients in Flavor. We will schedule a stop at the Pialligo Market Grocer, where at Christmas I managed to find all kinds of amazing pieces. And while he’s there, we’ll show him around the garden to check out all the produce that ends up in the generous crates. “If we had our will, every dessert would be dipped in some kind of sweet wine,” he wrote. Here is a bottle of Remi 2021 from Mont Majura. This sweet wine is made from the same grapes as those used in their sparkling wine and has its origins in certain experiments. We think he would like this idea too. “For us, a bottle of good quality olive oil is the Mediterranean liquid made by the sun.” Homeleigh Grove’s range of oils in Wallaroo will do the trick here. We’ve been using the one infused with blood orange as a dressing lately. The rugged range of Lowanna’s Paddock could become one of her favorites. And if he goes to the farmers’ markets in the capital region to get them, he will see what it is about there. “A taco meal has an elasticity that appeals to both diners, who can ‘make’ their own food when they assemble their tacos, and the cook, who can choose how much effort they want to put in. “We wonder what he would think of homemade tacos at Sweet Bones vegan cafe in Braddon, made with their homemade grilled seitan, corn salsa, seasoned kale, jalapenos and cilantro sour cream. Home-made tacos were a huge hit during the lockdown.


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