Hogmanay revelers plot English ‘nightclub invasion’ after Scotland tightens Covid rules

Aaron Mellor, who runs venues in the north of England, told the Scottish Sun: “We will be hosting Scottish revelers in Newcastle for Hogmanay.

“But we do ask everyone to take a lateral flow test before traveling and to ensure they have the legally required Covid NHS pass or proof of a negative LFT to enter the sites.”

An NTIA spokeswoman said: “We are obviously disappointed to be closed during the busiest trading week of the year. It is very likely that we will see some companies fall into the wall unless a Substantial additional financial support will not be confirmed by the Scottish government in a few days.

“We expect a significant number of people to cross the border to party in England given the more relaxed attitude of the UK government. This is an inevitable consequence of the different levels of restrictions in the four countries.”

Mr MacLeod said: “The irony is clear: a world famous Scottish tradition is banned and the hotel industry is crippled by a party claiming to stand up for the Scottish people.

“I think a lot of people will go south, but most will do exactly what we’re trying to avoid and gather in houses and say to hell with the restrictions.”

“Nicola Sturgeon lost the plot”

He added: “Nicola Sturgeon lost the plot. The overreaction to the omicron has been incredible. Scotland’s hospitality, retail, entertainment and live music sectors have all been destroyed in the past three weeks. “

The release of the first real-world data from Scotland last week revealed that people infected with the variant are up to two-thirds less likely to end up in hospital.

Research from the University of Edinburgh suggested that the omicron caused much milder illness than the delta variant and that the booster jab offered “substantial” additional protection against symptoms.

But Ms Sturgeon argued that the increased transmissibility of omicron means the NHS could still be overwhelmed with a much higher number of cases.

Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director for Scotland, told BBC Radio Scotland: “The modeling suggests that the peak of the omicron wave in the UK will be between mid-January and the end of January, perhaps. be even until February.

“Much will depend on human behavior. It will depend on what we do now.

“We might not want the peak sooner, remember, because if it’s a huge wave, we might want it to go on for a longer period of time because then you could get vaccinated. more people.”


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