HFPA shows major changes in diversity and inclusion

LOS ANGELES – If you want proof that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has changed, Raffi Boghosian has said look no further than him.

What would you like to know

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press Association added 21 new miscellaneous members
  • Neil Phillips is the organization’s first-ever Director of Diversity
  • Phillips is an educator, entrepreneur and speaker
  • The Golden Globes will take place on January 9

The Armenian journalist has been denied entry into the past, but is one of the most recent members after the organization’s reforms.

“I really experienced the HFPA before changing the statutes and after. They really changed in every aspect. It’s a whole new association,” he said.

After an LA Times investigation earlier this year found a major lack of diversity – the organization having no black members and other unethical wrongdoing – the HFPA has undergone significant changes.

The new statuses include adding 21 new diverse members and not receiving any giveaways from the studios.

“We have more diverse members. I love it. We have people from all over the world, from different ethnicities. We share ideas,” he said.

Perhaps one of the biggest and long-term changes within the group is the hiring of a new CEO, Neil Phillips. He is the Senior Diversity Officer whose entrepreneurial career has so far been devoted to promoting diversity and equity.

“It’s a criticism and these challenges are well deserved. This is where we need to be in this quest for diversity and equity and inclusion around structural change. You can look at the numbers and change the numbers, but if you haven’t gotten into the core and the essence of how an organization works, then you are looking at something that could potentially be a band-aid, ”he said.

Phillips said he has met with each member to get to know them and, in turn, the organization. They also underwent new training, he said. And the group started to function differently from the inside out. Phillips also said he’s not afraid to join an organization with lots of people fleeing from it.

“The reason I felt and still feel so strong about the organization is because I saw the work they were undertaking as a way to respond to the criticisms that were leveled. ‘ve seen an organization that was genuinely dedicated to transformation, ”he said.

Phillips wants to have real change in the world, which he said Hollywood has the power to do. As Boghosian showed a Golden Globe to Spectrum News, he said he was okay with it.

“The Golden Globes absolutely inspire a lot of people, not only in the US but all over the world. We’re really on the right track. I’m sure a lot of people in other companies will be inspired by the Golden Globes. are absolutely set to be an example to others, ”he said.

And it’s an organization to be proud of, he said.


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