Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers reveals he has cancer

He asked listeners to respect his privacy while he underwent treatment, saying: “I have had to speak up about this because I don’t want to hide under a rock.

“I would love it if people respected my privacy and just let me get on with it and give Si and our team all the support they need, that would be great.

“But look, the prognosis is OK, I’m going to be fine.”

He added: “I’ve just got to tuck in, look after myself, eat sensibly and get over this mess, flog books, and be a happy person so, within that, that’s where I am.

“I may be a baldy biker for a while so it’s just a warning, I don’t want to make a fuss about it, I look all right bald actually.”

Mr Myers did not specify the type of cancer he is suffering from.

He has previously spoken about his health struggles, including discovering he had glaucoma – an eye condition that can lead to blindness.

In 2018 Mr Myers revealed he had originally dismissed the condition as a bad hangover.

After meeting in 1995, Mr Myers and Mr King gained popularity as the Hairy Bikers, with Mr Myers later appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

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