Greens’ new voters didn’t ask for the disastrous trans and flag culture wars

The half a million new supporters will be devastated that the party is pushing elite issues when it should be standing for the many, not the few.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Federally the Greens are screwing up, a mere four weeks after sweeping to a triumph at the election. But their party leadership knows this. The Victorian branch stoush over the election of convention Linda Gale, and the question of trans issues, was the start. Now leader Adam Bandt’s refusal to stand next to the Australian flag has given them the quinella.

A party that gained about half a million new voters based on a campaign that tied global climate issues to local inequality, such as the housing crisis, has reverted to ridiculous culture wars. Many people beyond their core voter base will be dismayed that they have snapped into that sort of stuff immediately.

Their dismay will be shared by the leadership, which would have wanted neither controversy.

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