Gladys Berejiklian: Morrison supports Canberra

“An unfavorable finding is not a finding of corruption,” said a source. “Nobody would care.”

Berejiklian rethinks

Ms Berejiklian resigned her post as prime minister in October ahead of the ICAC public hearings on allegations she abused public trust, including by favoring her then-secret boyfriend, former MP Daryl Maguire, with budgetary funding.

Ms Berejiklian is reportedly rethinking invitations to move into federal politics after previously ruling her out, with the party machine suspending preselection nominations until Jan. 14, when potential ICAC findings against her are expected to be released clearer to its legal team.

Mr Morrison used Ms Berejiklian’s treatment, which included public hearings into humiliating details of her love life, as a bad example in designing a federal integrity inquiry, while he was expressing support for his move to Canberra.

“The way Gladys Berejiklian was treated is shameful. I have been clear about this, ”said the Prime Minister.

“She will make her own decision in her time on what to do next. If she would like to join our team, she would be welcome.

“I have no doubt that whatever Gladys decides, she will be a big hit.”

Appearing at the National Press Club, Mr Bowen said Mr Morrison’s attacks on the ICAC investigation had been disgusting and undermined the work of anti-corruption watchdogs everywhere.

He said if it had been a former Labor prime minister aiming for a federal seat while awaiting the ICAC findings, there would be an outcry from the media and the Liberal Party.

“The ICAC is not an assortment in which you can pick the conclusions you like and reject the conclusions you don’t like,” Bowen said.

“Imprisoned if necessary”

“If you are corrupt you have betrayed the Australian people and betrayed your party. You deserve to be treated and jailed if necessary.

“If they want to direct Gladys Berejiklian for Warringah, [it’s] the deal for them. If they expect a pass for a prime minister who has been investigated by the ICAC, they will not get one.

“We [Labor] have zero tolerance for corruption. Scott Morrison seems to have some tolerance, ”Bowen said.

Ms Steggall told the ABC that if Ms Berejiklian were to run for office, it would firmly make corruption and integrity in politics an electoral issue.

She said Mr. Morrison’s criticism of the ICAC “borders on defamation”.

“I’m pretty convinced that Warringah – and I should say many other electorates – is fed up with the idea that trust and truth don’t matter, that anything to win the day is OK. They actually want good governance, ”she said.

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