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Russian President Vladimir Putin continually winces his eyes and leans in his chair during summit of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization which indicates anger and frustration

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Russia: Putin says expansion of NATO is a ‘problem’

Vladimir Putin is showing signs of frustration and anger during his latest speech, according to a body language expert.

He was seen manically darting, widening and wincing his eyes while speaking in Moscow at a summit of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), while a body language expert claims he looks to be “suppressing anger or frustration.”

The Russian President attempts to adopt an air of confidence and control at the start, says expert Judi James.

But his “body language fluctuations look much more complex than his outward projections”.

By using his signature head-bounce he says he has “no problem” with Finland and Sweden but James notes how he leans forward slightly in his chair as he makes this claim and “his right eye seems to wince in what could be suppressed anger or frustrated”.

Finland and Sweden have now both confirmed they will formally apply to join the western-led NATO alliance, despite the Kremlin saying it will be a “mistake” to do so.

The Russian leader said at the meeting he feels no threat from NATO expansion, “but the expansion of military infrastructure into this territory would certainly provoke our response.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin



In a seeming change of tactic, Putin’s projected intentional signals in his recent speeches seem to be more about “calm reasonability,” says James.

She added: “His almost parental style of persuasion could be as seductive as his threats are fear-inducing. He seems to be holding both the carrot and the stick in the same hand here while positioning himself as the sensitive and safer option.”

He refers to Finland and Sweden as “dear colleagues”, despite previous threats towards Nordic nations.

But while he says this his body language signals “suggest some conflicting incongruence for much of this speech.”

Similarly, his speech is at odds with his “right hand gesture that is open and slightly sweeping to suggest reasonableness.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the Summit of Collective Security Treaty Organization



James continues: “Putin repeats the word ‘no’ and sucks in air in what looks like a bid to keep on-message.

“When he refers to possible reaction to any ‘expansion of military response’ his right hand comes down onto the table for clarity and firm emphasis with a slight chopping gesture to suggest action.

“His chin lowers slightly and his eyes widen. The words ‘provoke our response’ seem to come with a micro-sneer. His head batons suggest firmness and he licks his lips twice before referring to ‘what that response will be’.”

Leaders of post-Soviet states have gathered at the Kremlin for the summit of CSTO



The latest military assessment from the Ministry of Defense said: “Russia is likely to continue to rely heavily on massed artillery strikes as it attempts to regain momentum in its advance in the Donbas.”

But in a meeting in Moscow with Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon on Monday, Putin was seen manically moving his feet and looking frail in a meeting with a head of state with Erik Bucy body language expert telling the Mirror he looks “astonishingly weakened”.

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