First Look at the Flower Show Gardens Coming to the Arts Festival

As you might have guessed, guests who visit EPCOT just days before the start of a new festival can catch a glimpse of some of the exhibits taking place in the park. The EPCOT International Arts Festival begins on Friday and Craig was in the park to get a glimpse of what’s on the web this year.

It’s always fun for me to see what creative looks we’ll see and this year’s display doesn’t disappoint. I love seeing Figment hanging out in the middle of the garden between a double rainbow in this colorful display!

It’s also really cool to see larger than life art supplies that are perfectly positioned as if they’re the reason for the splash of color in the planted flowers. So cute!

The port of entry display at the entrance to World Showcase includes more rainbows and a few different colors of pigment tubes, and did you notice their names? We have royal purple pigment with Little sparkle of yellow and Orange autumn flower. Cute!

The Expression – Paint by Number section is being set up and if you have never had the chance to participate in this activity, we highly recommend it!

One of my favorite parts of this festival, in particular, is seeing the amazing chalk art in Future World. Craig had the chance to see an artist work on a masterpiece when he was at EPCOT yesterday, so we have a little sneak peek of two pieces to share!

Are you going to visit the EPCOT International Arts Festival this year? If you’ve been in the past, let us know in the comments which part(s) are your favorite!


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