FFXIV producer says harsh remarks affect developers’ sanity

Naoki Yoshida speaks for the camera.

Naoki Yoshida has a request.
Screenshot: FFXIV / YouTube

A little after four hours in a recent Final Fantasy XIV direct, producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that he appreciates player feedback, but has a request.

“I just want the verbal abuse to stop,” Yoshida said. “I think my mental state is among the strongest in Japan, but not everyone is like that.”

As shown on My Flash News game, Yoshida mentioned that after the Endwalker brief extension delay, the enemies are out. Sharp language, Yoshida added, can actually push others.

The analogy given by Yoshida is that if you left a junk car downtown in a big city (that’s the city he mentioned was New York!) It might get thrown away even more. Others have already destroyed the vehicle, so that gives people permission to participate. It is considered acceptable.

When gamers and fans engage in a game, it’s the developers who end up paying for these scathing remarks. “There were some mistakes, but where we’ve all come to in the last 11 years, I feel like the language maybe too strong,” Yoshida said. “I can take the worst, but the developers feel defeated and lose the sense that they are creating the game for all players.”

According to Yoshida, some developers are really impacted by the comments because they feel like they are doing their best for the players. Their motivation then decreases.

the FFXIV The producer said he had a request: Before you hit Enter or Return after writing a comment, imagine the faces of the people who make the game. In short, remember that your comments are directed to your users. alike.

“I’m not saying congratulations to all the developers because there are some mistakes too, but it would help if people thought about how they express their feelings.”

The feedback is fine. Being a jerk about it isn’t.


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