Families in need of baby formula, find a WIC location here

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Families on the Texas Supplemental Nutrition Plan can reach out to WIC for help finding baby formula.

PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura

The program has temporarily added more options so families can find a formula at the store to meet their baby’s needs without updating your card.

This program is only for those with a Texas WIC card.

Click here to find a location.

The following baby and toddler powdered formulas were recalled: Similac, Similac PM 60/40, Alimentum, EleCare and EleCare Jr. powdered formulas.

If you have recalled formula, do NOT use it. Learn more here.

Because babies need a specific balance of nutrients, you should not water down infant formula, make homemade formula or give your baby cow’s milk or goat milk.

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