Extreme cold warnings envelop the National Capital Region

The second cold snap of the week is creeping into the Ottawa-Gatineau region, forecasters say, with temperatures well below normal, prompting extreme cold warnings across the board.

Renfrew County is expected to face a longer cold spell with the wind feeling like -35 as of 10 a.m. Friday in Petawawa. This wind chill could make it feel close to -40 overnight as the temperature approaches -30C.

Saturday’s -18C high is by no means mild (it’s near Pembroke’s average low for January 15), but it does bring some windy relief. Saturday evening’s wind chill should still feel around -35 in this region.

The wind chill in Ottawa is also expected to reach -35 by Saturday evening, after an even colder Friday evening and a slightly less cold Saturday.

The cold snap comes just days after Ottawa hit its coldest temperature since mid-January 2018.

Western Quebec warnings say the wind should feel like -40 on Friday, but don’t mention Saturday. Cold warnings for Kingston and Belleville call for the Friday evening wind chill to feel like -30.

Such low temperatures mean people need to cover as much exposed skin as possible, dress in layers – ideally a windproof outer layer – and watch for cold-related health issues such as muscle aches, numb extremities and shortness of breath.

Sunday’s highs are expected to be slightly below normal rather than dangerously low. Snow is predicted for Monday.

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