Everything Ralf Rangnick Manchester United said in Aston Villa pre-game press conference

Work in progress

“”I was fully aware that this could not happen overnight. It is a work in progress. I think we have shown that we have conceded fewer goals than a few weeks ago, it is also about controlling the game and obviously we have taken some steps but things can still improve and that is what we have to work on: finding the best training possible.

“We play every three days and we have to make sure we have the best and freshest players on the pitch, which means we might even be able to change formation during the game or from game to game. ‘other.

“As I said, it’s still a work in progress and there are still quite a few things and room for improvement.

“If you want to control or dominate games you can do it in two ways, one is how you do it when the other team is in possession of the ball, how proactive, aggressive you can be. In same time, not to be weak on the counterattack, if you give them too much space from a counterattack. And the other is that you can take control when you are in possession of the ball.

“These areas I’m trying to work on and improve the team and improve myself. As I said, we made some steps, but not as quickly as I would have hoped and wanted.

“As coaches you are never normally patient, you always want to develop teams faster and faster. But in the last two weeks and going forward it’s all about results, getting the best results possible.”


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