Embroidered visions of a peaceful Palestine – in pictures | Art and design

Jordan Nassar was born and raised in New York City by his Palestinian-American father and Polish-American mother. “The struggle for Palestinian equality is very important in my family,” he says. “My father, a psychiatrist, spent his life helping people there.” Nassar was a crafty kid, into origami and kirigami, then he progressed to embroidery. “It’s the most recognizable element of Palestinian culture, something I grew up in in our home and in almost every other Arab home I’ve been to.”

To create the works, he collaborates with embroiderers in Palestine. “I love that my artistic process brings business to Palestine,” he says, but his beautiful outlook is very diasporic. “The land in my works manifests the imagination of Palestinians outside Palestine… In our dreams, there is no occupation, no anguish – our Palestine is beautiful and serene.”


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