El Paso Pinata Maker creates stunning works of art you’ll love

Last month, we showed you an incredible pinata maker from the Line Star State, but today we’re spotlighting a local artisan with one-of-a-kind skills. A month ago, Texas Monthly featured a Dallas-based artist who was exploding on social media for his stunning piñatas that were clearly works of art. This got us wondering if there were any local piñata makers with this kind of amazing talent.

Luckily, someone commented on our Facebook post about a local piñata maker making big, beautiful piñatas right here in El Paso. Piñatas Factoryep is a local business that makes custom piñatas just for you. After browsing through their Facebook page, it’s clear to see why the company is attracting attention.

The piñatas are made to look like everything – from a smiling Mickey Mouse, an angry Hulk ready to smash, and even our Tejano queen Selena accepting her Grammy. The company also makes piñatas designed to look like animals, and even you or your family members.

Scroll through some of their artwork below and check out some of their impressive work over the years. It’s unclear how long it will take to receive one of their custom orders, but it’s clear that their work is worth the wait. To contact Piñatas Factoryep to inquire about ordering custom piñatas, please visit their Facebook page.

El Paso Piñata Maker creates stunning works of art you’ll love

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