Downing Street staff celebrated but couldn’t see my wife in hospital before our twin babies died

It came as new allegations surfaced that Downing Street staff were drinking so much during lockdowns that they brought in a fridge for the weekly ‘wine hour Fridays’.

Images obtained by the Daily Mirror showed pictures of a wine fridge, holding up to 34 bottles, delivered to No10.

It is alleged that staff used a suitcase to stock up on wine and beer from the local branch of Tesco Metro.

On Saturday, Ian Levy, the Conservative MP for Blyth Valley, said he had been prevented from seeing a dying family member by the restrictions which were flouted by those in Downing Street.

“The public deserves better”

He said: “I understand the strength of feelings many Blyth Valley residents have about the events in Downing Street, particularly among those who were prevented from seeing members of their own families at the time.

“My own family was affected by this – unable to see my wife’s mother as she died in a nursing home.

“I understand the real anger over reports that those in power were not playing by the rules. The public deserves better than this.

“Waiting for the investigation is not, on my part, an attempt to evade the issue, but to ensure that we can be aware of the facts.

“It is important that the investigation is carried out as quickly as possible as we will be in a better position to consider what action to take. I assure you that at this time I will bear in mind the opinions of the people of Blyth Valley .”

Tory MP for Darlington Peter Gibson said: ‘I want to reiterate my belief that if the rules have been broken, I expect those people to be subject to the same consequences as anyone else.


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