Do Bodybuilders Die More Than Average?

Jerry Brainum returns to break down the statistics of bodybuilding deaths in recent years. Are the initial statistics showing a worrying trend?

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Jerry Brainum has long been an extremely competent man working in the bodybuilding industry. His research has been featured in bodybuilding publications for decades – and he has held editor-in-chief positions for media outlets such as Muscle And Fitness and Flex Magazine.

Jerry also aired a digital series, Straight Facts, on our network in 2016. He’s now back with more episodes and, in addition, available as a podcast! This week, Jerry Brainum breaks down the statistics behind the tragic trend of premature deaths in bodybuilding that have plagued the sport over the past year. Is there a growing health problem in bodybuilding? Or was 2021 just a year full of tragic bad luck? Let’s break it down.

2021 has been an extremely tragic year for bodybuilding. There have been a slew of bodybuilding-related deaths all of which seemed to come far too soon. Most notable was the death of Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden at the age of 46 and the death of George Peterson just days before he was ready to compete in Mr. Olympia. He was 37 years old.

There have been, unfortunately, many more deaths that we would prefer not to fully recount here. But the string of lives lost in bodybuilding has led many fans and top members of the industry to speak out about the state of bodybuilding health. While the health of a sports organization should always be a top priority, it remains to be seen if there really is a connection between these recent deaths and something that is directly happening in bodybuilding.

Jerry Brainum is about to bring some more clarity to the situation. Using research on the (admittedly limited) data available, Jerry breaks down the actual statistics behind bodybuilding-related deaths compared to the average person in the world at large. He’s also trying to use the cause of death, when revealed, to speculate what the cause was likely and whether she might be attracted to weight training and PED use.

Jerry Brainum compares bodybuilding death rates to the average male death rate

One of the most interesting pieces of information Jerry Brainum has revealed, according to research. Professional bodybuilders actually have a lower death rate than the average person by about one percent. On paper, this would seem to indicate that professional bodybuilders are actually more likely to outlive the average man. Although this is certainly a study in a very specialized sport, the first results seem to indicate that there is no major health crisis shaking the sport. But that doesn’t mean drugs aren’t a killer for bodybuilders, either. Far from there.

In the video, Jerry Brainum breaks down the data and his speculations in detail. But his ultimate conclusion is that bodybuilders actually lead a healthier lifestyle because of their diet, nutrition, and focus on exercise. That being said, these benefits are largely shortened by the abuse of PEDs such as steroids, diuretics, and insulin. This ultimately leads, statistically, to a party. This is why bodybuilders may have a slightly lower death rate than the average person, but not by much.

Jerry Brainum also draws another conclusion. He believes that modern coaches and trainers are the cause of many of these premature deaths. While basing his opinion on anacdotal evidence. He has heard that most coaches provide anti-doping protocols to their athletes. The problem is, these coaches are not doctors. Just because one anti-doping protocol worked for one athlete doesn’t mean it will work for another.

Without constant medical supervision, these very potent drugs can cause long term health risks. Some of these risks can lead to an earlier grave. This is why Jerry Brainum urges all competing bodybuilders to perform blood work every four weeks and ensure that as much detailed information as possible can be analyzed. Preventive actions are the most important in prolonging life – and when athletes are more likely to use dangerous drugs, it becomes even more necessary.

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