Debra Messing mourns Lori Davis, ex-wife of her ex-partner Will Chase

Debra Messing mourns the loss of an “elected” member of her family.

The actress, 53, took to Instagram on Monday to share a series of photos with Lori Davis – the ex-wife of her former partner Will Chase – as well as a long heartfelt post.

“I can’t believe you’re gone. Without a doubt, Heaven has a shining new light. It’s not fair. You are so good,” the caption said. “Ours was a unique bond. Lori was my ex-partner’s ex-wife. Yes, that’s right. And the mother of 2 spectacular daughters that I had the opportunity to fall in love with, and who are became the sisters my boy never had. “

“We loved each other and in turn developed a beautiful friendship … It was special because he was entirely chosen”, continues the legend. “She wrote a personal recommendation for my boy’s candidacy for his alma mater at college. I also wrote letters for both girls. 50th anniversary We were chosen as a family.

Messing described Davis as “loving, funny, caring, loyal, open (and) optimistic” and asked for prayers for her family.

“Remember, nothing is guaranteed to us,” she concluded the post.

Messing and Chase dated from 2011 to 2014. They starred in the television musical series “Smash”.

Chase and Davis were married from 1998 to 2008. They share two daughters: Daisy, 22, and Gracie, 20.

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