DC area federal offices open 3 hours late Tuesday

WASHINGTON, DC – A day after heavy snowfall forced communities and the federal government to close offices in Washington, DC, all federal offices will be open Tuesday with a three-hour delay.

Eligible federal employees can take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telecommuting on Tuesdays. Otherwise, all employees must report to work within three hours of their expected time of arrival, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

Additionally, non-emergency employees will be granted up to three hours of weather and safety leave on Tuesday to allow them to arrive safely on time.

Non-emergency employees who follow all applicable agency procedures and requirements, and brief their supervisor, have the option of using any of the following, depending on the OPM:

  1. earned annual leave, compensatory leave, credited hours or sick leave, as the case may be;
  2. leave without paying;
  3. their day off flexible work schedule or reorganize their work hours into flexible work schedules; Where
  4. unscheduled teleworking.

All staff who are considered emergency workers are expected to report to their workplace on time, unless otherwise directed by their agency.

Employees who participate in a telecommuting program, whether on a regular or ad hoc basis, may choose to telecommute rather than showing up at their workplace. However, they must be prepared to work or take unscheduled time off, paid time off, or any other combination equivalent to a full working day. Weather and safety holidays are generally not available for employees who telecommute and do not show up on a job site.

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