Daniel Arsham Announces New Pokemon Project “A Ripple in Time”

Daniel Arsham is showing his third Pokémon exhibit, “A Ripple in Time,” starting in February at five different locations in Tokyo.

The first collaborative exhibition was held for the first time from June to August 2020 in Shibuya at the Nanzuka and Parco Museum Tokyo art galleries. The second exhibition, entitled “Time Dilation” took place in January 2021 at Perroting in New York. Now, “A Ripple in Time” will feature more than 20 sculptures by the contemporary artist across a wide range of works including animations, paintings and drawings. “A Ripple in Time” will exhibit at five venues in Tokyo, including NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Nanzuka 2G, 311 ONZ by LDH kitchen, Roppongi Hill 66 Plaza and Sogetsu Plaza.

Each location will feature different works from the exhibition. At Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza, a total of six large bronze works will be displayed for a limited time. In NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Arsham and Kunihiko Yuyama’s collaborative animation piece “A Ripple In” is set to be the main highlight. In 2G, a new room centers around the ghost Pokémon Mew while 3110NZ will feature Arsham’s crystallized Pokémon sculptures and Sogetsu Plaza is home to Isamu Noguchi’s famous “Heaven” flower, stone, and water plaza. .

The exhibition “A Ripple in Time” presented by Daniel Arsham and Pokémon hits NANZUKA UNDERGROUND from February 10.

“A Ripple in Time”
3 Chome-30-10 Jingumae
Shibuya City, Tokyo

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