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The results of the reports on the Covid in China

A Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report published last month detailed the worsening “nightmare” for journalists under Xi Jinping’s reign, with 128 people known to be behind bars or missing. More than 70 are Uyghur journalists and at least 10 people have been arrested for covering the Covid epidemic and containment in Wuhan.

Cedric Alviari, director of RSF’s East Asia office, said the 128 journalists and press freedom defenders detained were the highest in five years. It includes 71 Uyghur journalists, and at least 10 who risk death if not immediately released, according to RSF.

Alviari said the crackdown is being carried out by Xi, who has “declared war on independent journalism” after tightening controls on mainstream media.

All he and the CCP have done in the past eight years … is suppress independent voices.

The Chinese people, like everyone on earth, are hungry for information about what is going on around them.

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US sets world record of 1 million daily Covid cases



Two of New ZealandCovid’s most prominent Covid experts are taking legal action against their employer, the University of Auckland, for what they say is its failure to adequately respond to “harassment from a small but poisonous sector of the public “which becomes” more extreme “.

Siouxsie Wiles, associate professor of medical sciences, and Shaun Hendy, professor of physics, filed separate complaints with the Employment Relations Authority, which ruled last week that they should go directly to the labor court because of ” high public interest “in their commentary on the Covid.

According to the ruling, the scientists claim that as a result of their work, they “suffered vitriolic, unpleasant and deeply personalized threats and harassment” via emails, social media and video-sharing platforms, which had a “negative impact” on their physique. safety as well as their mental health.

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Philippines to extend Covid restrictions to Manila





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