Chris Noth’s final episode provides satisfying conclusion for his character William Bishop

Chris Noth made his last appearance in the CBS drama Balancing it in the Sunday night episode titled “Separated,” a source confirmed to Deadline.

It was announced that Noth was fired from the Queen Latifah-directed series on December 20 as multiple sexual assault charges were brought against the Sex and the city and Law and order alum. He denied the allegations.

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Chris Noth as William Bishop - Credit: Michael Greenberg / CBS

Chris Noth as William Bishop – Credit: Michael Greenberg / CBS

Michael Greenberg / CBS

In last night’s episode, his character William Bishop fired a knockout blow to save a colleague who was ready to take the fall for his involvement in Latifah’s top-secret relationship with Bishop and Robyn McCall. The prisoner was Harry Keshegian (Adam Goldberg), an extraordinary hacker who was arrested by the FBI for violating confidential CIA files.

“Bish, he got caught because of us and he hid both of our names,” Robyn, a former CIA agent turned vigilante, told his old friend. “He didn’t even tell them about me. We have to work it out.

The fact that Harry had previously faked his own death, with help from Robyn, made his release all the more complicated.

Bishop, who is a former director of the CIA, went to the Pentagon in a last ditch effort to save Harry from an eternal prison sentence. There he met General Henry Ryland (Peter Jay Fernandez), whom he asked to recruit Harry for their cyber intelligence team. Bishop is surprised to learn that Ryland had already made this offer to Harry, which he declined.

Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian - Credit: Michael Greenberg / CBS

Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian – Credit: Michael Greenberg / CBS

Michael Greenberg / CBS

“You are not giving me freedom. You just want to put me in another cage to do whatever you want, no matter how corrupt he is, “Harry said in a video released for Bishop. “I’m not going to trade my soul to become a stupid instrument of the state. I prefer to rot here.

Bishop can’t help but laugh at what he just saw, but he’s not really surprised.

“Do you really want to help a guy who doesn’t want to help himself?” Ryland asks Bishop. “You should be thankful that we didn’t ask who helped him all these years. My advice: forget it. Because at this point only an act of the Almighty himself can help him.

The hand he needed might not have come from such a heavenly place, but Bishop still had some friends in high places he could reach out to in a last ditch effort. But choosing to take this route would require some conviction.

Unbeknownst to Harry’s wife, Melody (Liza Lapira), Bishop was quietly listening during his emotional reunion with his wife in prison, as everything seemed hopeless. Harry professed his undying love as Mel swore she would never give in to him.

Their reunion was just the boost Bishop needed to make that final call to a mysterious ally.

As Robyn helps reunite a woman who has been separated from her child at the border and returns to headquarters, she arrives to find a shocked Mel.

“Rob, they’re freeing him,” Mel exclaimed as he was visibly shaken. Robyn thought quickly, “How is that possible? “

Bishop’s Ave Maria was a connection to the president, who personally oversaw Harry’s release.

“So I heard that it was the president who intervened. Bish, didn’t you? Did you make the call? Your golden ticket? Robyn asks his old friend. He replied, “My one and only free prison release card.”

Robyn asks him, “And you did it for Harry?” But Bishop corrects her, “I did it for you.”

The two share a sweet moment interrupted by Harry’s revelation that Harry should never touch a computer again. Something Robyn isn’t sure the hacker will be able to comply with.

The tender moment between the two ends with a glance and a laugh as Blessing Offor’s “Brighter Days” wraps up the episode.

It’s not yet clear how the series will approach its departure, but after Bishop reconnects with his secret son in the previous episode, “When Worlds Collide,” it would be easy to send him to sunset without too much effort.

CBS did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment on how the series will cancel the character.

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