Children need to spend more time with books | READER COMMENT

With public libraries in every city and school in this country, what hinders reading, whether for school, work or pleasure, is not the lack of access to books, but the level of shockingly low literacy of the American population. According to the latest figures available, 21% of citizens are illiterate and 54% read below grade 6 level. A 2020 study by Gallup on behalf of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy estimated that low literacy levels cost the nation $2.2 trillion a year as they affect job opportunities. , personal income, overall economic growth, and even health outcomes. Illiterate children become illiterate adults, stuck in low-paying jobs that cannot help their own children read or ignite their love of reading. This not only deprives them of access to the world around them, but also of a chance to use their imaginations and become creative and productive members of their community. Getting children to read for fun is therefore serious business.

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